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Civil Rights

What is required

  • All the title VI complaints you receive must come to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). A copy of The complaint needs to be sent to OCR within three business days of receipt. This includes all Complaints both written and oral. Title VI complaints are any complaints from the general public

Based on race, color, sex, or national origin. These complaints need to be emailed directly to

nicosby@mt.gov and shicks@mt.gov


  • All ADA related complaints must be sent to the OCR within three business days of receipt. This Includes both written and verbal complaints. These complaints must be emailed directly to nicosby@mt.gov and mmaze@mt.gov
  • All complaints based on any membership in a protected class recognized by state or federal law, State or federal executive order, or program rule or regulation, must be sent to the Office of Civil Rights within three days of receipt. The protected classes are listed below:

Federal protected classes

Races, color, national origin, Sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, Age identity, & Limited English Proficiency

State protected classes

Races, color, national origin, parental/marital status, pregnancy, childbirth, or medical conditions related pregnancy or childbirth, religion/creed, social origin or condition, genetic Information, Sex, sexual orientation, Gender identification, or expression, National origin, ancestry, age, disability, Mental or physical, political or religious, Affiliations or ideas, military services or, Veteran status


  • Matt Maze mmaze@mt.gov is the ADA compliance contact for MDT. Matt must approve all Plans. This includes all new construction or remodeling that involves any monies provided or

Awarded by MDT- prior to construction beginning.

  • The non-discrimination and ADA notice and complaint details sticker must be placed in an easily Viewed area of all vehicles, and complaint forms must be present in all vehicles. Stickers can be obtained by contacting nicosby@mt.gov  or shicks@mt.gov
  • The non- discrimination, Title VI, and ADA notice language must be placed on your website!!!


Title VI

The Non-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program ensures ___conducts business in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on protected classes established both by the federal government and the State of Mt. If you believe you have been discriminated on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, pregnancy, parental/marital status, or social origin/ancestry (hereafter ” protected classes”) by its employees or anyone with whom MDT chooses to do business. This includes the Title VI program, which ensures that all programs, benefits, and services offered to the general public by MDT are free from discrimination based upon the protected classes.

Members of the public who would like additional information on MDT’s Title VI obligations should contact Nicole Cosby at the Montana Department of Transportation, Office of Civil Rights.

Email: nicosby@mt.gov

Mail: 2701 Prospect Avenue, Helena, Mt. 201001

Phone: 406-444-6334    Fax: 406-444-7243    TTY: 800-335-7592


If you believe you have been illegally discriminated against by MDT or one of its contractor’s or Sub-contractors, please complete the below listed Civil Rights Discrimination Complaint Form and return it to the Office of Civil Rights.


  • The non-discrimination notice and link to the MDT non-discrimination and ADA complaint form Must be linked from your website.

http://mdtinfo.mdt.mt.gov/other/webdata/external/civilrights/FORMS/CIVIL-RIGHTS- DISCRIMINATION-COMPLAINT-FORM.PDF


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